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Gravity Lies is a band poised to take the world by storm.  Their infectious brand of hard rock has been capturing the ears of all who hear. The band strives to bring a unique sound that stands apart from the cookie-cutter bands on rock radio today. Thick textures, and layer upon layer of guitars create a powerful wall of sound topped by the band's strong melodies. Pop sensibilities, combined with a subtle progressive rock influence, and a dash of metal create a new combination of sound that is both catchy and heavy at the same time. 

The year 2015 sees the band returning with a strong new lineup, and approaching the completion of their debut “Fight The Darkness”.  This twelve song rock opus showcases the band’s diversity, and solid songwriting.  The band is the brainchild of prominent Denver producer/engineer, Brian Knop (Your Own Medicine, Lost Point, A Memory Down, etc), who is joined by shredder Jeff Swanson, drummer Dave Dyer, bassist Matt Orloff and guitarist/vocalist Tim Crowe.

Gravity Lies is:  

Brian Knop - Vocals    Jeff Swanson - Guitar/Bgv’s   Tim Crowe - Guitar/Bgv’s
Matt Orloff - Bass/Bgv’s   Dave Dyer - Drums

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