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Taking Advantage

All these head games, you try to set my mind in flames You manipulate, we tolerate

Now you’re taking advantage, You try to tear me down

Brick by Brick, you make me sick

Now we’re not just fools we see you play by your rules

You calculate, we tolerate - while you make my life hell

You know you could be better

No you do not have to be this way, don’t be this way

Your just desserts are coming, So eat up, get your fill, grow fat

Don’t you know you should be ashamed of who you are and what you do?

Taking Advantage, Copyright 2008. Brian Knop, James Lloyd.  All rights Reserved.

Welcome To My World

There’s a path to self discovery for some it’s an uphill climb

But when each rock you grab breaks away there’s nowhere to go but down

You thought you knew me, but I didn’t even know myself

And now with clarity I see that there is nothing left of me

Welcome to my world - pain and despair

Here’s to my life - gasping for air

Hollowness is my destiny, pointless is all my suffering

All the cards are stacked against me, useless, worthless I embrace this truth

I fall, never to rise again.  The pain I know so well, so welcome

Welcome to my world, welcome to my hell.

Welcome To My World, Copyright 2008. Brian Knop.  All rights Reserved.

Better Man

Days grow shorter this time of year, and doubt turns anxiety to fear.

And now I’m scared of what I see in the mirror.  But maybe I just don’t see clear

Could I be a better man?  Oh I wish I would

Could you help me understand?  If you only could

Than I’d be a better man

Good examples are so hard to find, and could this part of life rewind?

I want to see you stand up and fight.  And lead the battle with all your might.

Can I lead when no one taught me how?  I must stand up and show you now!

I’m just a shadow of a man, I’m just a shadow of you.

Better Man, Copyright 2010, Brian Knop, Jace Hill.  All rights reserved.

Heaven Stops

When the orange of the sunset fades away, shadows grow cold with your dismay

Jumpstart your jaded heart with all you know, failure comes when the cold winds blow

When heaven stops for you, drowning in your sorrow

The angels pray for you, that we’ll see you tomorrow

All options have left you hanging dry, you realize your whole world is a lie

A line of chalk has been drawn round your soul, this time you wish you could be whole

Heaven holds it’s breath waiting for you, release your heart from the grip of death

Now heal your soul, and bind your wounds

Heaven Stops, Copyright 2006. Brian Knop.  All rights Reserved.

Carry You

Where have all the smiles gone, it seems it’s been so very long

Since i’ve seen the light in your eye, it just makes me want to cry

Another tear runs down your face, as you look for a safe embrace

My heart breaks each time you do as I try to help carry you

When a tear starts to well up in your eye, could I please wipe it away

When you feel the walls closing in, could I brighten your day?

Now that you’re so far from home, you’re feeling so very alone

But you know that I’ll be there for you, I’ll help you carry through

Sunshine on a cloudy day, rain to wash your blues away

And I long to hear your laughter, could you be happy evver after

When your stomach starts to turn - I will be there

When your wold begins to b urn - I will be there

I will be there for you - I will be there, I will always be true

So could I be your guardian angel, and carry you through the night

I want to be your guardian angel and hold you till you’re alright

Carry You, Copyright 2003. Brian Knop  All rights Reserved.

Everything I Hate

Daily trip I do not crack the whip, loosing ground and my humanity

Heart is numb, slowly I succumb, now I have become - everything I hate

Taking my breath away, I cannot take this pain, Breaking me open now, I cannot live this way

Low I crawl, today I fall, Darkness dwells deep inside my scattered brain

Defensive, I have become very pensive, A spineless man lacking courage to stand my ground

What am I?  Let me die!, Now I am, Everything I hate

And now I break, On the ground, Where were you, this time around?

Now this is the end of existance

Every day I wish I could end this struggle, Every day I wish could be my last…

I’m Dead… Inside  , This time I fail  , Hate… myself, Now all is GONE….FAIL, HIDE, DIE

Everything I Hate, Copyright 2009. Brian Knop, Greg Burgess.  All rights Reserved.

I Know

I see the pain deep in your eyes, even though you try to disguise

A small piece of you dies everyday and you wonder why things are this way

The will to fight still remains strong, I thought you’d beat this all along

Now as each day brings new pain, may grace fall like rain

I know you hurt tonight, if I could take your place, pain to erase

I know, you can’t take much more if you can hold on tight, you’ll win this fight

Even though this seems so unfair, just breathe in the healing air

I see the strength deep in your eyes, fresh and clean you will arise.

(Dedicated to the loving memory of Bethany Gustman, 1981-2009.)

I Know, Copyright 2007. Brian Knop, James Lloyd, Jace Hill.  All rights Reserved.


Drifting through dark shadows around, it’s calling calling to pull us down

Clutching and dragging and pulling down on me, Dragging and pulling, towards the sea

Behold the tragedy, that we call humanity, for I am a refugee, begging only to be free

One face in a distant crowd, wondering lonely you cry aloud

Calling and pleading and begging, for a home, crying byt dying all alone.

Drink down your sorrow, you’ll feel it tomorrow, You will not find comefort, lonely, lonely refugee

Behold the tragedy, that I like to call me

Now where can hope be found, where can I find peace

I will rise past my pain, and find sweet release

Refugee, Copyright 2004. Brian Knop  All rights Reserved.

Your Knight

Some say chivalry is dead, but I know it lives on inside my head

Times of love and loyalty, self sacrfice and dignity.  Bring them back, i’m asking

So if I would be your knight, would you be my lady So hold my hand tight, I’ll hold you steady

Would you ask me to fight under your colors, for I truly cherish you above all others

You know I’d do anything for you, so I hope that you love me too.  So here I am, I’m asking.

I want to shelter you from harm, fight with the sword in my right arm

I will slay the demons of your past, I will fight till my very last, Till my last breath

So here I stand, arms stretched out to you, take my hand and never walk away

You inspire love and loyalty, here’s my heart for eternity

Your Knight, Copyright 2008. Brian Knop  All rights Reserved.

The Death of Me

I thought you were someone on my side, Never knew you’d take me for a ride

So take out your tun and take your aim, are you trying to kill??

Or just cripple and maim?

Another scar on my heart, just one more tally against the cause

Push me closer to the edge, will this be the death of me

So take advantage of my faith, ask me to die for you, but you wouldn’t die for me

Tongues of vipers in the house of the Lord

More wolf than shepherd, maybe tiger or leopard

Beware, whitewashed tomb, Beware, for you may bring my doom

Will you be the death of me? Your hypocrisy brings the death of me

The Death Of Me/One More Tally, Copyright 2007. Brian Knop  All rights Reserved.


Today time moves so slow, and I’m here feeling rather low

So i’m waiting just to hear you speak, my heart is feeling oh so weak

Sorry that I hurt you, I never wanted to bring you any pain

I wish I could take back, and never make you sad again

What’s harder than waiting, patience can be so frustrating

Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for, so I’ll be standing at your door

I will wait through the pouring rain, through the wind and the hurricane

For one more chance to make things right, for one more chance to be with you

So sorry...

Hurt, Copyright 2008. Brian Knop  All rights Reserved.


The winds approach with a bitter cold

Howling in the the dark

A soul grows weary and old

And you only long to depart

Tonight, you hear the wolves closing in

Tonight, you fear that you’re giving in

As the blackest of black descends on your soul

You cannot stand as you sink into your hole

You lie there in your grave

Is there no reason your life to save?

A ray of hope shines through the dark

Revealing your work of art

A masterpiece in the rough

Now is the time to rise!

When there’s no light to see

When all the lies you hear are dragging you down

No matter what cards you are dealt

Rise past all the pain you have felt

Are you too blind to see

That you can be free

But you wear your chains…..

Now take this rope from off your neck  (now fight this, now fight this)

Fight the darkness in your heart

Embrace The Light

Masterpiece, you’re the diamond. 

It’s time to rise.

Masterpiece, Copyright 2013. Brian Knop, Erik Johnson, Jeff Swanson, Caleb Carl.  All rights Reserved.


Cold and so forlorn

From the darkness you were born

Your lust and your greed feed all that you need

Where does it end?

When will we learn?

Tear it down, Break this cycle of pain

(reclaim your fate and never look back)

Tear it down, Break through this deadly chain

Now you feel your past

It’s pulling you back and downward fast

This won’t seal your fate, this isn’t checkmate

Here it will end

When will we learn?

Lie, cheat and steal.  How long until you kill??

This ends NOW!

Never look back!

Cycle, Copyright 2014. Brian Knop, Jeff Swanson, All rights Reserved.

Will You Stand

Now, as we feel ourselves falling down

As each one claws for his crown

Vipers each and every one

Is this how mankind is done?

Will you stand with me here?

Will you help me change the world?

Will you stay by my side

Will I find the strength to fight tonight?

Now, here they come with the stones

As they rip the flesh from our bones

We’re dead where we gave up

Is this how we feel our cup?

We can only blame ourselves

We do nothing

This world falls apart

We stand... stand...

Won’t go down (without a fight)

Won’t back down (we hold this light)

Will you stand tonight?

Will You Stand, Copyright 2014. Brian Knop, Jeff Swanson, Matt Orloff, Dave Dyer All rights Reserved.